SAP HANA is very famous for its high performance and decision making supports. There are several opportunities for the HANA aspirants and there are plenty of educational institutes those are providing SAP HANA online training and classroom training for their students. This article is going to describe you the analytics and applications of SAP HANA

A.  Real-time analytics which SAP HANA Specializes

1. Operational Reporting:  It includes

  • Sales Reporting – It improves fulfillment rates and accelerate the key sales processes
  • Financial Reporting – It immediate insights across customers, revenue and accounts payable
  • Shipping Reporting – It enables complete stock and overview analysis
  • Purchasing Reporting – It completes real-time analysis of the complete order history
  • Master Data Reporting – It has the real-time ability to impact accuracy and productivity.

2. Data Warehousing: BW customers can execute their entire BW application on SAP HANA platform leading to extraordinary BW performance, dramatically simplified IT landscape, a business community capable to make better and faster decisions. Not only the BW investment it is also super-charged. Customers can migrate easily to the SAP HANA database without the impact of the BW application layer at all.

3. Predictive analysis and Text analysis on Big Data: To succeed, businesses must go beyond focusing on giving the best products or services and uncover customer trends and insights, then anticipate behavior and take practical action. It provides the ability to perform predictive analysis and text analysis on large volumes of data in real-time. It does this using the power of its in-database analytical algorithms and with its R integration capability. With its text search capabilities it also provides a robust way to leverage the unstructured data.

B. Real-time applications which SAP HANA specializes

1. Core process accelerators: It accelerates business reporting by leveraging ERP Accelerators. ERP accelerators are non-disruptive ways to take advantage of the in-memory technology.

2. Planning and Optimizing Apps: SAP HANA excels at applications which require difficult scheduling with quick results. SAP is offering solutions that no other vendor can provide. It includes BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, Sales and Operational Planning, Cash Forecasting, Margin calculation, ATP calculation,  Manufacturing scheduling optimization etc.

3. Sense & response apps – These kind of applications provide real-time insights on Big Data like point-of-sale data, smart meta data, social media data etc.

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