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Data Replication Methods in SAP HANA

We have three types of data replication methods in SAP HANA. These methods are:

  1. ETL based data replication
  2. Log based data replication
  3. LT based or Trigger based data replication


1. ETL based data replication

For ETL based data replication we will use SAP data services (DS) tool.

  • Data Services tool is a tool for ETL process, which transfers data from one database to another database.
  • This tool is coolest one to transfer database from any database to HANA.
  • This data replication using SAP BODS to load the relevant business data from the source system, SAP ERP and replicate it to the target SAP HANA database.

2. Log based data replication

This Log based replication method is only recommended for customers that have been invited to use this technology during RTC of the SAP HANA product delivery if you are not part of this RTC group. SAP recommends using Trigger-based data replication using SAP LT (landscape transformation) replication server because of the rich feature set offered by this replication technology.

The main element of this replication method are the system replication agent, which is part of the source system, SAP ERP and the Sybase replication server that is to be implemented in SAP HANA.


3. LT based replication

  • LT based replication allows real-time (and scheduled also) data replication, replacing only relevant data into HANA from SAP and non-SAP sources.
  • It has capability to transform data into HANA format while replacing data in real-time.
  • This replication has Limitless coverage of SAP releases for SAP ERP and ABAP-based SAP applications.

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