What to make your career in SAP HANA? Need to save time and money also?

Do not think that it is impossible. It is possible. You can save your time, money and you can give your best to your profession after learning SAP HANA online.

Why online?

Firstly, today’s life is very fast. We know that it is very difficult to manage time in our office and in our personal life. After that, if someone is planning for training, it seems impossible to find time.

Secondly, some renowned institute wants to give their training worldwide. But it is not always possible to make a branch to each country, each city.

For these two reasons it is always preferable for training institute to give online training and for students it is very helpful to think for any online training.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory database software system which combines SAP database software with pre-tuned server, storage and networking hardware. SAP HANA is developed to support real time analytic and transactional processing.  It is a platform for real-time business.

Technical components in SAP HANA

  • SAP in-memory database 1.0
  • SAP In-Memory Computing Studio
  • SAP Host Agent 7.2
  • SAPCAR 7.10
  • Sybase Replication Server 15
  • SAP HANA Load Controller 1.00, and
  • SAP Landscape Transformation 1 – SHC for ABA.

 Careers as a SAP HANA Professional

There is plenty of careers opportunity of SAP HANA Professional. If you have sound knowledge in SAP HANA, you can join as –

  • SAP HANA Consultant
  • SAP HANA Developer
  • SAP HANA Architect
  • SAP HANA Trainer