SAP HANA database was developed in Java and C++. It contains multiple servers namely, Index server, Statistics server, Name server, Preprocessor server and XS Engine. Among these servers most important part is the Index server.

What is SAP HANA Index Server?

Index server contains the real data and the engines for processing the data. Index server coordinates with all the other servers and uses them. The Index server is the core database engine.

HANA server index


Fig: 1.1 HANA Index server Architecture

What is Name Server?                           

The Name server holds the info about the HANA database topology. This is used in distributed system. The name server identifies where the components are running and which data is located on which server.

What is Pre-Processor Server?

The Index server uses the Pre-Processor Server. It is used to analyze text data and extract data from text when called using search function.

What is Statistics Server?

The Statistics server gathers the information from all the other server components (including hardware and OS also) regarding status, performance and resource consumption.

What is XS Engine?

XS Engine is an optional constituent. Using this, client can connect to HANA database through HTTP to fetch data.